In 2011, Troels Andersen, the man who first invented the well-known "Bike-Meter" concept, developed a brand new incentive program for cyclists called "Cycle Score". Operated in the city of Fredericia, Denmark since fall 2011, and based on an intelligent communication platform developed by Kofoed & Co, it will soon be launched in seven European countries.

Eco-Counter's aim is to develop innovative technology to provide decision-makers with unique tools to help them manage their active transportation network. As a global leader in pioneering counting technologies for cyclists and pedestrians, Eco-counter's systems are at the cutting edge of cycling and pedestrian planning and used in over 35 countries, including Denmark, Holland, the U.S., Australia, Germany, Spain, and Canada.

Eco-Counter is now developing and manufacturing the Cycle Score concept under the trademark "Frequent Cycler Program."